There are so many reasons to love a mini photography session which is why I offer several seasonal mini’s throughout the year. Put simply, they deliver exactly what it says on the tin – mini versions of my bespoke photography sessions.

How do I choose between a mini or bespoke session?
Both are great fun and will result in gorgeous and timeless images of your family. It really depends what you’re looking for from your photography session. So to help, I’ve outlined some considerations to help you choose between a mini or a full bespoke session when looking to book your next family session.

Short and sweet
The obvious difference between a mini and bespoke session is the duration of the sessions. The mini 30 minute sessions accommodate a shorter shoot list for families of up to five individuals. So, ideal if you’re looking for a handful of photographs to refresh your family images between full sessions.

If you have a longer shoot list with specific images and like the idea of a including a larger or extended family a bespoke session would be a better fit for you. That way we can make time to ensure everyone is comfortable and gets the camera time they deserve to create awesome images for them all.

Little ones love them!
Mini’s are generally a parent’s dream – ideal for younger children who have shorter attention spans than us adults. I do my best to make them feel comfortable, to be fun and engaging so that they warm up to me as quickly as possible. That said, I’ve photographed enough families to know that children can be unpredictable little things. So if you’re ok with me capturing them just as they are, whether that is smiling (or not), climbing, jumping, or everything in between, then mini’s are a great option!

You know your children. If they are likely to take longer to warm up, the timings don’t work for you (never miss a nap!) and you are not confident that the exact photographs could be captured in a small time frame that’s fine too. With plenty of time to warm up, burn off excess energy and in-between moments your bespoke session will capture awesome images and you’ll have a ton of fun in the process.

Young family at bluebells mini session in west sussex woodland by photographer moira lizzie photography
Autumn mother and child mini session image by Moira Lizzie Photography

Fun, seasonal locations
As a local girl I know the area pretty well. I’ve carefully chosen locations for mini sessions with the season and families in mind. Whether in the bluebell wood, sunflower field or apple orchard, the locations are natural and beautiful spaces with room to play and relax.

Do you have a a specific location in mind? Perhaps because it’s meaningful to you or you’ve been inspired by images in my gallery. If that’s the case, let’s customise a bespoke session at a location of your choice. I’m always happy to help with ideas and love discovering new locations. So feel free to introduce me to somewhere new!

A photography ‘taster’
Are you wanting to try out lifestyle photography for the first time or thinking of a bespoke family session? Mini’s are an ideal opportunity for you to enjoy a taster of the Moira Lizzie photography experience and a great way of us getting to know each other. I’ll work with your family to capture the same authentic moments – just in a shorter timeframe.

If we’ve met before it’s a fabulous way of refreshing your images between full sessions. With the added bonus of already knowing each other, it’s a like a catch up with old friends (just that I’ll have my camera too!)

Lovely things come in small packages
Enjoying the same high quality products, the shorter session and volume of images are reflected in a reduced package price which includes your photoshoot along with a few selected products. Most clients love their images so much they often choose to upgrade their package with additional products for themselves and to gift. It’s hard to resist!

If you’re looking for a larger volume of varied images go bespoke and you’ll receive both. Perfect for creating a gallery wall, family album or when you’re looking to include more family connections and smaller details.

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Moira is a Southsea photographer who works throughout Hampshire and the UK. She specialises in children and families and is a member of the British Association of Professional Child Photographers. 

For more details visit her website or facebook page.