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I‘m Moira from Moira Lizzie photography – a location loving, natural light photographer located in Southsea, Portsmouth. And (in case you were wondering) Moira Lizzie was my mum’s nickname for me as a little girl and it’s kind of stuck.

Having always enjoyed photography, it was only when I had my own children that I realised how valuable a tool it is in capturing our own family stories.  I love applying the art of photography to creative family images:  From newborn sleepy smiles, baby giggles and raspberries, to toddler curiosity and missing teeth. Then increasingly wider adventures from teens to adulthood. Every precious moment squeezed into the hustle and bustle of everyday life spent with our families.

My goal is to create natural, genuine images of your family simply being themselves. My approach is engaging and relaxed resulting in timeless images which reflect the heart and soul of your family. I’m also a sucker for beautiful light and as far as possible I seek out the best natural light available, to create your images set against beautiful backdrops of locations which are meaningful to you.

Living on the South Coast in Hampshire I’m very fortunate to have both coastal and countryside scenery on my doorstep and often venture out with my family and camera in tow.  I can recommend some amazing locations but I’m always excited to discover somewhere new, near or far. I’d be honoured to share somewhere special with you.

Whichever stage your family is at, whatever moment you’re seeking to preserve, time goes by so fast – I’d be privileged to capture those nostalgic moments for prosterity…beautifully.

If what you have seen on my site has inspired you to capture your own family story, simply contact me via the contact form or phone.

I’d be delighted to hear from you.