Just as every session is different, the reason to decide to book a professional photography session differs too. So I thought I’d revisit some of my previous clients to uncover the story behind their session and to see how they are enjoying their images now.

Up first is this early evening session with Tracy, Ed and their son, 10 year old Noah. Not forgetting Betsy and Mabel, their soft coated wheaten terriers who have been part of the family for 15 years.  This session has warmed my heart with it’s soft golden light and a loving family with their adored Betsy and Mable. If I were to define LOVE in one family shoot, this would be at the top of the list. Every single photo reflects the connection between this family, something which they have discovered becomes more precious as time goes by.

‘time goes by too quickly to keep putting things off and with that passing time, the images have become priceless.’

Image of family dog walking session taken by Moira Lizzie Photography
Collage of family dog walking photo shoot by Moira Lizzie Photography
Wall display featuring image of family dog walking photo shoot taken by Moira Lizzie Photography

Arriving at their home for our pre-session consultation it is evident that photographs mean a lot to this family. A wonderful selection of images are displayed although noticeably with a much younger Noah. ‘When Noah was young we had photographs taken all the time. He’s growing up so fast and I’ve suddenly realised that we haven’t got around to updating our photographs of him or the family, for some time.’

Tracy approached me following a referral from a friend. The relaxed approach and the opportunity to shoot outdoors really appealed. “Our customised family session had to include both Betsy and Mabel, but especially Betsy who was feeling her age. Moira suggested a dog walk which felt really natural for us and we chose a location we were also familiar with. We simply enjoyed the walk as usual with some helpful direction to ensure we got the natural portrait shots we wanted.”

Styling came straight from their wardrobe, chosen to compliment the location and the relaxed vibe of the session. As for the girls, Tracy employed her skills as a dog groomer a week before the session to achieve a beautifuly silky soft, tidy look. We met early in the evening to coincide with the beautiful Autumnal golden light and to fit in with after school pick up. The light didn’t disappoint and the backdrop of the park was also perfect, with plenty of space to kick a ball around between shots Noah was more than happy.

What were your favourite images from the session? 
Betsy- such a lovely memory to see everyday
2. Family – the connection between Noah and us is priceless
3. Mabel – just like a second child, we didn’t take as many pictures of her so these are fabulous to have

What have you done with your images? Initially we chose the digital package and have since purchased framed prints. I feel we have the complete package now.

What could you now not live without? The pictures of the girls – even more precious now as Betsy is no longer with us and Mabel is also that much older. Seeing these images evokes fond memories which I cherish every single day.

“I am so, so glad we booked this session when we did. It totally exceeded my expectations”, said Tracy “over and beyond. We didn’t expect it to be so good and although Ed wasn’t so keen beforehand, he admitted to actually quite enjoying it too.” I’m finding this is  common theme where Husbands are concerned!

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Moira is a Southsea photographer who works throughout Hampshire and the UK. She specialises in children and families. For more details visit her website or facebook page.