Headshot envy

…it happens.  Our profile pictures on social media, websites and marketing materials just don’t fit the bill anymore.  We age, it’s inevitable.  We change, maybe weight loss or gain, new glasses?  Our business or circumstances change, a new role or business or, like me – a new career!  And so, it’s only natural that at some point in time we’ll start to develop headshot envy.  I have it – and I have it badly!

You see in my previous life , 20 years working for an International IT company as a Marketeer, I planned and organised events, direct mail and digital marketing campaigns.  I won’t bore you with it all but branding was core to it all.   Each January I re-evaluate my website and marketing materials and every time I do,  I recognise that I’m the face of my business – and my name is my brand.  So when I reviewed my profile picture in 2016,  I realised how out of date it has become. First it didn’t truly represent my business (for a start there was no camera in my hand) and was taken at a party!

I held off writing this post back then, as I knew my own headshot needed attention!  Four years on and revisiting this post and I’m needing another update. And I’m working on it, I promise.  But a selfie isn’t going to cut it.  I’m about to book another photographer and get in front of the lens for a change.  I’ll probably book a make-up artist too as I know it’ll help to boost my confidence (heck, I may even buy a new outfit!)

Hiring someone feels like a big investment when I could probably manage a self portrait but having someone to bounce off will help me relax and create a more honest portrait, capturing some of my personality too.  It’s incredibly difficult to shoot that on my own.

Recently, I’ve been working with some other small business owners who have also developed headshot envy and learned in the process, that the relaxed, natural feel of my family sessions also works well for headshot shoots.  A relaxed photo is better able to convey a person’s individual style and personality than a stuffy corporate mugshot. It’s also more fun! Incorporating the working environment as the backdrop to the images also helps to give an insight into the business location or services offered.  For me, that’s including my trusty camera but it could easily be Emsworth Millpond where LK Family Law are based, in the clinic at Hedge End Chiropody and Podiatry, amongst the herbal products at Budd’s Herbal Apothecary or at the fragrant floral workshop of  Smell the Roses UK.

Pre session I shared inspirational photos and wardrobe ideas and discussed locations to help achieve the look we were hoping to capture.  Collaborating and planning is key to customising your session to create images which truly reflect you and your business in a way which will amplify your brands presence. And to maximise investment, these are images which can be repurposed across various marketing materials and social media platforms.

I strongly believe that business portraits can be fun, relaxed and unique, while still being professional and would love to hear from anyone out there who has headshot envy.  Simply contact me and we’ll book an appointment to start customising your session – it can be as relaxed and creative as you wish!  It’s time to let others be envious of your profile images.

Female Solicitor Personal Branding Environmental Headshot Images by Moira Lizzie Photography

Budds Herbal Apothecary Personal Branding Environmental Headshots by Moira Lizzie Photography

Hedge End Podiatry and Chiropody Clinic Personal Branding Environmental Headshot by Moira Lizzie Photography

Personal branding image of Smell the Roses florist

Moira is a Southsea photographer who works throughout Hampshire and the UK.  She specialises in children and families and is a member of the British Association of Professional Child Photographers.   Commercial packages are also available.

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