Wedding Couple on Southsea Beach by Moira Lizzie Photography
Having captured your beautiful images, enjoy them everyday with a stylish display which will last a lifetime. Select from a range of gorgeous products which have been carefully chosen from professional UK suppliers with customer feedback, design and quality in mind.

Choose from my A La Carte menu or select one of my packages which include my most popular items at a discounted price.


£1250 (saving of £300)

Complete set of all images as digital negative files presented on beautiful USB

then choose from Folio Album Containing 10 mounted prints
10 x 10 Fine Art Album
20 x 16 Inch Gallery Frame


Available in a wide array of sizes, my prints offer a high-quality look and feel made to honour your professional images. I work with a trusted professional photographic lab with prints calibrated for perfect colour reproduction and quality. Mounted ready to display in your own frames or to gift.

7 x 10 Inch       £50
11 x 14 Inch     £90
16 x 20 Inch     £200
20 x 30 Inch     £290
26 x 36 Inch     £350

*Please note that individual prints available only with another product purchase apart from mini sessions.


This premium product is ideal for sharing online, to print off and as digital negatives of your professional prints. Available for immediate download to your device with volumes of 10 and all negative files presented on a beautiful boxed USB.

Individual Files              £65 (minimum order 3 files)
10 Negative Files           £350 (£50 per file)
All Negative Files          £750 (less than £20 per file)


*Please note that individual digital images are only available after a minimum spend of £350.


The folio is a nod to the traditional print and modern digital negatives. Featuring a sturdy case housing between five to twenty loose large format fine art prints with a finished size of 11 x 14 inches. Each print features one singular image with large white bordered mount. Includes a set of matching edited high resolution digital images presented on a neat USB. Designed to garner attention from the first print to the last, this is a versatile way to display your portraits individually, framed or simply display on your coffee table for your friends and loved ones to enjoy. 

5 Prints           £500 (£100 per image)
10 Prints         £750 (£75 per image)
20 Prints         £1100 (£55 per image)


Simply stunning hand-bound and using the finest quality cover materials, papers and inks, these fine art albums will stand the test of time. In a digital world where technology is changing so fast, create an heirloom to enjoy for years to come as you reminisce through the pages, with future generations. It’s a tactile thing and I challenge you not to fall in love with this gorgeous product holding your story within it’s pages.

10 x 10 Album with 10 spreads           £500

*holds approximately 30-40 images depending on layout chosen

Unbound Folio Album
Wedding Album

The Hampton


The Holt


The Hurst