Approaching the teenage years

Approaching the Teenage years - a photographic portrait

My clients are growing up so fast! I’ve photographed this lovely girl multiple times over the years and all of a sudden she’s hurtling towards her teenage years. This session to celebrate her twelfth birthday was an opportunity to capture her transition from childhood to adulthood. Celebrating this moment in time by capturing the beauty and innocence of that in-between stage. These images capture the essence of this girl – the seriousness of being 12 and all that entails along with her fun and happy nature.

Uncontrived, lightly styled and using soft natural light around her home gives a relaxed and fun vibe. Sometimes, admist a time of developing opinions, attitudes and growing self awareness, being twelve can be really tough. With that in mind, these teenage sessions are designed to be relaxed and fun and are a fantastic way of celebrating a special birthday or just for the fun of it.

If you are interested in booking a teenage photography session contact me here. I’d love to create some timeless images which will capture this amazing and exciting time in your child’s life.

Moira is a Southsea photographer who works throughout Hampshire and the UK.  She specialises in children and families and is a member of the British Association of Professional Child Photographers.

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