Welcome to the second ‘Local Life’ episode featuring family related activities available locally across Hampshire and West Sussex. Elaine from Prega-Mummas Yoga shares the benefits pregnancy yoga classes bring to expectant mothers and a little about herself too….

Yoga Class Instructor Stretching

Tell us about your business…what do you do?
I offer midwife led, antenatal yoga classes for pregnant women. Designed to increase the overall physical and psychological well-being of expectant mothers, pregnancy yoga deepens their pregnancy experience, whilst also helping prepare them for labour and birth.

Yoga in pregnancy helps to increase women’s physical strength and stamina to cope with the demands of labour and birth. In addition it improves sleep,  controlled breathing and encourages an emotional and mental connection between a mother and her unborn baby.

Each hour long class consists of gentle and relaxing exercise involving learning moves/poses (asanas). Consequently encouraging optimal fetal positioning and alleviating minor conditions such as nausea and heartburn. We also cover breathing techniques (pranayama) along with tips for labour and birth.  

A calm oasis from the everyday, classes are held in Bosham, West Sussex in a studio surrounded by beautiful fields and countryside.


What makes your business unique?
Prega-Mummas Yoga is a specialist class designed specifically for pregnant women. As a midwife and pregnancy yoga teacher I draw upon the combined knowledge of both careers, providing a totally holistic approach. Working in the maternity unit of the local hospital I have the privilege of offering continued support when these women come into the hospital to have their babies. Classes also provide the opportunity to meet and to interact with other mums-to-be. Subsequently there is the added bonus of building up a support network which can be invaluable during pregnancy and beyond.

Warm up at Prega-Mummas Yoga class
Image of pregnancy yoga class attendee breathing exercises
Pregnancy yoga class attendees pose
Prega-Mummas Yoga class stretching
Prega-Mummas pregnancy yoga class
Prega-Mumma's Yoga class image with instructor and attendees

What item/service do you just love and think everyone needs?
At the end of each class I incorporate an 10-15 guided relaxation session which everyone loves! Guided relaxation is a conscious, mindful and powerful practice of relaxing both body and mind. As a result it allows us to slow down from the pressures of everyday life and instil deep healing. Above all it enables us to rebuild our energy reserves, leaving us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This is so often undervalued!

As well as providing the opportunity to bond with your unborn baby, relaxation also has a positive impact on women’s emotional state. Research shows a number of additional benefits relating to relaxation in pregnancy. Including improved pregnancy outcomes with fewer admissions to hospital, fewer obstetric complications, longer gestation, reduced caesarean sections, and fewer postpartum complications.

Image of Prega-Mumma's Yoga class attendees enjoying relaxation

What are you passionate about outside of your business?
As a foodie I love to cook and eat out. I also enjoy renovating and dream of  buying, renovating and selling properties if time and money allowed!  It goes without saying that I’m passionate about my other job as a midwife. There’s nothing more rewarding than bringing a new life into the world, being there to support women at their most vulnerable but exciting time in their life.

What other local business do you love and why?
From a personal view I frequently meet up with friends of breakfast or lunch at Driftwood cafe in Emsworth. The food is good, the staff are friendly and it has a great atmosphere.

From a professional view I highly recommend Hypnatal.  This is great for anyone interested in learning hypnobirthing techniques, allowing them to look forward to their birth and not fear it. I also love Unique Attachment. Offering fantastic breastfeeding support by the wonderful Christine McLaren who I have had the pleasure of working with. We are all aiming for the same goal of women supporting women which is something I’m excited about.

Describe your perfect day
Sunday’s are pretty close to a perfect day for me. I work most Saturday nights. So I love to unwind after work with a lovely morning walk down the beach with my two gorgeous Westies. After catching up on a few hours sleep, the family congregate around my parents to enjoy amazing food, decent wine and time together.

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