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T hank you for booking your photography session with me, I’m looking forward to creating some wonderful new images for you!

My style is relaxed and as easy going as you’d like it to be. That said, I appreciate you may feel a little nervous about your session. So I’ve put together some preparation tips so that you can approach your session with confidence and excitement!

Grab a coffee and have a browse and select anything which you feel will work for you – and if there’s anything else you want to ask, feel free to get in touch.

Be purposeful

Start by planning with the end in mind. Have a clear view of what your audience finds engaging, how you want your audience to feel when they see your images and utlitmately how you will be using your images.

This will help when choosing location, style, colours and shoot list and will ensure every element aligns with your asthetic and brand identity. That way, you can be confident that you’ll be getting the images you need right from the start.

Start by completing your questionnaire which will help me really get to know you and your brand. With this in mind, we’ll then collaborate to create a vision for your shoot and bring it to life!


Consider what to wear

This is something I get asked a lot! What you choose to wear can make a big difference to the feel of your photos, expressing your individuality and your potential client’s first impression of your business.

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ guide as you are conveying your own personality and unique style. However, there are some key things to consider when you are putting your wardrobe choices together.

If you feel you need more guidance, consider a styling session with a personal style consultant to create a style tailored to your personality. I recommend Vicky Booker Stylist to all of my clients – and she’s designed a unique package to give you just what what you need for your headshot session. 

  • Pick shades that flatter and tie-in your branding to compliment your website, linked in profile and marketing materials
  • Make sure that the colours that you wear actually suit you
  • Choose to wear colours closer to your face to light up your features and create that healthy glow
  • Skip busy prints and logos opt for solid colours instead to avoid taking the focus (excuse the pun) from your face
  • Opt for shirts or dresses with sleeves (long or short) to create a continuous line from the neck down. It’s far more flattering than sleeveless.  
  • Wearing something that feels like it was made for you is such a confidence boost. Avoid anything too fitted, tight or loose and baggy – something flattering for your body shape. Try different poses in front a mirror to ensure the fit doesn’t change too much when you change position
  • Whatever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable – it’s one less thing to think about!
  • For longer sessions bring 2-3 different styled outfits to mix things up
  • Photograph yourself in different outfits if you can’t decide and share with friends and family to hone in on your favourites 
Female photographer in coffee shop

Make-up, hair and glasses

A professional photo session can be a great excuse to treat yourself to professional make-up and blow dry but it’s not essential.  The key is to embrace the real you and let it shine through. If you usually wear your hair down, keep it down. If you usually wear make up keep it minimal to avoid looking over done. Keeping your appearance as close to your usual look will ensure your images are authentic and you are comfortable. If you’re having a major restyle I recommend waiting a week or two before having your photoshoot so that you’ve got time to grow accustomed to your new look.

For male clients, hair is generally not a big deal. I would recommend thinking about whether you want to shave pre-shoot though. Removing stubble post-processing isn’t something I offer as it really does take forever. Far easier to shave in advance.

The same applies to root re-touch, definitely better to book an appointment at the salon or use a quick fix spray before your session.

If you wear glasses all of the time then I recommend wearing them for your shoot as well. After all, this is how your clients will see you. If you only wear them some of the time then I will take some photos of you wearing your glasses as well as without so that you have the option of either. If you have glasses with non-reflective lenses these would be ideal as they’ll help to combat glare.


Female photographer in coffee shop

Countdown to the shoot

1-2 weeks before
– Book in for a haircut if necessary so it has time to settle before the shoot 

A few days before
– Try to eat healthy foods, as fried and salty foods can make your skin look tired
– Frequently grab a glass of water to stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep so that your skin is fresh for the shoot
– Get plenty of sleep to avoid dark circle under your eyes
– Avoid sun exposure to reduce changes of blotchy skin and strap marks
– Have a manicure. Good excuse to add a pop of colour or keep it fresh and neutral. A trim is enough for men. 

The day before
– Lay out your clothing options and ensure they are crease-free
– Organise any props

– If you’re having the shoot in your own space make sure it’s clean and set up the way ready to go

On the day
– Eat and drink beforehand to keep your energy levels up
– Moisturise as it helps makeup application and will make your skin look fresh
– Bring makeup/brush/small hairspray/lipstick for any touch ups during the session
– Relax, stay in the moment and enjoy this time to really connect with you and your brand, and feel happy in the knowledge that you’ve taken a big step
in taking your business profile to the next level attracting your ideal clients or fulfilling your dream role.

A little self-care goes a long way and it’s a great excuse to indulge yourself a little too! Again, pick whichever you feel you would benefit from the most in terms of helping you get prepared, feeling good about yourself and confident in approaching your session. I’ll see you there!