Black Hurst Frame from Moira Lizzie Photography

It’s no secret that I’m in love with print. Since the launch of Moira Lizzie Photography I’ve been constantly on the look out for products to add to my new framing collection which compliment my style of photography. By listening to valuable client feedback I’ve learnt more about how they want to display their products and acknowledging the different styles and decor in their homes has been key to defining the new collection.

What I learnt was that my clients found the vast array of framing options overwhelming. The decision process made the duration from shoot to wall unbearably long – so the collection had to offer a smaller, yet considered variety whilst being versatile enough to match any decor or style and appeal to multiple generations.

My clients also really value print – my best selling package is the Elite digital package, enabling sharing of images with family and friends. Accompanied by framed versions or prints of the signature images from their session. The ideal combination – after all, with technology changing so quickly who know how easy it will be to access those digital files in the future?

Quality of course, is also key. The chosen frames also had to be the very best, because only these are worthy of your beautiful images. So, having reviewed several suppliers I was super excited to discover a UK supplier renowned for their workmanship and service. Delivering quality and style, just perfect!

‘This collection has come about from a passion for photography, a love of printed images, an enjoyment of quality and a desire to preserve and share images with generations to come’

The finished product had to be just that. Finished. I believe the process to display printed images should be easy. Reducing the items on my client’s to-do list is all part of the service. Now it takes just three steps to choose the perfect framed prints (and they’ll arrive ready to hang too – no fiddly assembly required):

1. Choose a frame style for your chosen image – whether traditional, contemporary or classic.
2. Choose a a finish – black, white, oak or grey.
3. Choose a size. One price for every size of frame, whichever finish or style you choose.

Having scoured numerous trade shows and ordering and reviewing supplier samples, this is a considered framing collection which meets an exacting criteria of variety, versatility and quality. They are truly beautiful and when you hold one I guarantee you’ll find it hard to resist giving it a gentle stroke!

Of course, I recognise that every shoot and every family are different. So if you want to adapt any of these collections – maybe a wider mount or a a wider frame then let’s talk.  And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, I’ll do my best to provide a display product that is customised for you.

Framing Collection from Moira Lizzie Photography

These collections are definitely something to be excited about – and there’s more to come. The plan is to provide pre designed wall galleries to create multi image displays worthy of your beautiful images. Instant gratification. Designing these displays isn’t something to be rushed as I’d love your input in these designs. So they’re not quite ready yet but I wanted to tell you about it because sometimes excitement is hard to contain!

Get in touch or comment below as to which type of multi image designs you’d like to see in your own home. Perhaps displays which give equal treatment to a number of equally sized frames. Or maybe arrangements with perhaps just a couple of larger images. How about geometric symmetry – such as the example below. Or modular dynamic displays with room to add more following future photography sessions? I’d love to hear how I can shape the display collections for you.

This is about you. It’s about your images and how I can help create stunning displays of your family to enjoy for years to come.

Wall gallery from Moira Lizzie Photography

Moira is a Southsea photographer who works throughout Hampshire and the UK. She specialises in children and families and is a member of the British Association of Professional Child Photographers.For more details visit her website or facebook page.