‘Family is not an important thing, it is everything’

Michael J Fox.

Autumnal image of four generations of women seated in apple orchard
Collage of Autumnal images of four generations of women set in an apple orchard
Autumnal image of four generations of women set in apple orchard

Four Generations Photography Session

This Autumn, 9 months on from her newborn session, I had the pleasure of photographing this little one again. It’s so lovely to see her growing (too fast!) and to see her cheeky character developing.

The session proved to be a rare and very special one. Capturing the relationships between four generations of women as 10 month old Nova is lucky enough to  have her mum Amy, her Grandma Karen and her Great-Grandma Josephine around her. These are precious times.

Beautiful both inside and out these are strong women with generations of strong women before them. It always intrigues me as to how those generations before influence us so much in our day to day lives. The qualities that have been passed down that have made us stronger, our nuances and our family traditions.

‘Forget the housework … just enjoy being with your children as they will grow so quickly’.

Karen O’Neill
Daughter, Mother and Grandmother.

So I asked Karen (Grandma) what special qualities have been passed down through the generations by women in her own family and what advice she’s giving to Amy in raising her own daughter today.

The women in our family tend to live long lives (here’s hoping) and have a very strong work ethic;our problem is knowing when to slow down and rest. The orchard gave us a chance just to be together and play….We have always been nurturing mums and continued to work in caring professions such as nursing and teaching. It is wonderful watching Amy with Nova because she’s just blossomed in confidence and being a mum has really been the making of her.If I were to give her advice I would tell her to forget the housework ,as it always needs doing , and just enjoy being with her as she will grow so quickly’

What better way to capture the strength of family than through photographs. I love that part of my job is creating these memories that will be treasured for many generations to come.

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